Hole Profiling

With our 48HP spindle assembly we have the ability to machine in 3 axes, giving fast, accurate, low cost hole profiles limited only by our customers imagination and the tooling available!

Drilling and tapping into Quench and Tempered plate usually means costly preheating and slow cooling times. At Advanced Profile we have eliminated the need to preheat using our custom designed tooling. This is a significant advantage over traditional methods by maintaining the structural integrity of the area surrounding the hole. An additional benefit is reducing the final cost to our valued customer.

Countersinking wear plate is produced with ease, whether the countersink is set flush with the top of the plate or recessed below the surface.  See the photos in our gallery of a 50mm (2″) countersink in QT500 40mm plate – all with no manual handling or secondary processing.

Below is a list of specifications

  • 48 HP (30kW) High Speed Spindle with a CAT 50 Taper
  • Through spindle coolant
  • Drilling diameter up to 100mm
  • Boring to 200mm
  • Tapping to M33 – metric and imperial sizes
  • Automated tool changer with 24 tool holders mounted to the main carriage

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