Wear Liner Projects

Advanced Profile Solutions is a company that pride themselves on producing high quality wear products for all material handling applications. Our mission is to provide fast, accurate and cost effective solutions for our customers while combining innovative processing. The accuracy of CNC technology allows complete part processing prior to external path cutting ensuring a very high standard and uncompromising level of accuracy.

  • Wide range of Quenched and Tempered plate
  • Applications such as chute’s, crushing equipment, haulage etc.
  • Drilling, tapping, counter bore/sink and bevel cutting.
  • High focus on customer demands.



IMAG0192 IMAG1120 IMAG1129
 IMAG1174  IMAG1171  IMAG1168
 IMAG1159  IMAG1158  IMAG1157
 IMAG1154  IMAG1123  IMAG0957
 IMAG0955  IMAG0954  IMAG0952
 IMAG0934  IMAG0674  IMAG0511
 IMAG0348  IMAG0324  IMAG0196
 IMAG0047  32mm Bis 80 Hi Def Plasma D  1DS35486
 IMAG1163  IMAG1162  IMAG1153
 IMAG1117  IMAG1116  IMAG1115
 IMAG0953  IMAG0950  IMAG0928


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