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Over the years we have developed the skill base to tackle some of the most complex problems a plate profiler / machining shop can handle. Below are some examples of our work. If you have an idea, we can help.

Precision Flatbed Machining

With our high-powered spindle, we can easily mill large plate, bases etc that smaller milling machines would struggle with. Here is a pump mount for mine site, machined to +/-.01mm accuracy.


Agricultural implements

After close collaboration with clients we are able to supply bespoke designs to suit different conditions. We developed a new style of ripper tine using BIS450 that lasts 3x longer with much tighter nesting - we saved one client 45% on material for each production run.


Wear Liners

We are specialists in wear liner manufacture. We have optimized our processes to give fast turn around with a quality product. Our spindle attachment ensures accuracy with enough horsepower to drill, counterbore and the countersink BIS400-BIS500.
With an in-house stud welder, we can provide any stud to meet your requirements.


Cleat packages

We regularly supply cleat packages to the shed construction and mine fabrication industry. Each cleat is clean, numbered and packed according to you build order, saving your fabricator's time and therefore saving your money! We have provided educational seminars to local contractors regarding the benefits of BIS80 in construction. Much stronger than Mild Steel meaning less steel to weld, clean, paint and erect - saving on downstream costs.


Bucket lips

With our bevel head assembly, CNC counterboring capability and large plate stock we are able to get loaders back to work quickly.